Our Mission

The Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness (the Coalition) works as a collective to plan, coordinate, recommend, implement, and advocate for community responses to homelessness and increasing affordable housing.

What we do:

  1. We work within a wheelhouse of housing options to address homelessness
  2. We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships
  3. We use a preventative, client- based approach
  4. We use our platform to educate, increase public awareness, and build community
  5. We make funding recommendation for the Comox Valley Regional District Homelessness Support Funds
    Homelessness Support | Comox Valley Regional District & Homelessness Supports Service Referendum | Comox Valley Regional District

Strategic Priorities:

  1. Create Additional Housing and Supports
  2. Community Collaboration, Prevention and Education
  3. Coalition capacity building
  4. Funding and Fundraising

The Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness acknowledges that its work takes place on the occupied, traditional territory of the Pentlatch, E’iksan, Satsila, and Sahtloot people, now collectively known as the K’omoks First Nation. The Coalition respectfully acknowledges the K’omoks First Nation, and their ancestors, and gives them thanks for their generations of stewardship of this land, its people, its animals and its waterways.